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Since it’s inception, late Fall 2016, EATaliano Kitchen has distinguished itself as a standout destination for those seeking the best Italian cuisine Atlanta has to offer. Under the guidance of partners Marie Nocharli, Marc Gholam and Chef Marcello Najm (Marcello’s in Buckhead) EATaliano Kitchen has strived to keep the love and warmth of classic Italian food alive in the city, while searching for fresh and exciting takes on its timeless dishes. Traditional pizzas, hardy classic Italian comfort foods as well an enthusiast-curated wine list are among the many delights EATaliano Kitchen has to offer.

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Great Things

Located in the newly-renovated Brighten Park Plaza off Briarcliff Road and Druid Hills, EATaliano boasts custom-designed interiors by famed designer and artist Verena Salme. Careful thought and focused passion went into the aesthetics of the restaurant, which provides a 3,000 square foot floor plan, welcoming patio and communal hearth. The space is truly perfect for both large parties and quiet, intimate dinners. Come visit us and experience the vision that Marie Nocharli and her partners Marc Gholam and Marcello have designed for your taste.

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Your Eyes

We all know that the way to the soul is through the eyes not the mouth.

EATaliano is proud of our mixologists and their signature cocktails, ask them if there’s anything off menu – perhaps something homemade like a one-of-a-kind Italian margarita or a pecan-infused bourbon. Our bar is an experimental center of interest. We’re here to help patrons get to know their palate, enjoy a new dessert drink and most of all enjoy!

Traditional Wines

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Chef Marcello

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Chef Marcello

“A tavola non si invecchia!” At the table with good friends and family you do not become old. These are the words by which Chef Marcello Najm guides his new restaurant, Eataliano Kitchen. As a Sicilian, he knows the value and importance of the table and the magic it provides for all those seated around it.

As a long-time staple of Italian dining in Atlanta, Chef Marcello has enjoyed success for over 32 years in the city with Marcello’s Pizzeria & Trattoria in Buckhead.

Anchored in Brighten Park, just off of Briarcliff Road, Chef Marcello offers signature pizzas, alongside traditional pasta dishes and a lovingly-curated wine selection. “Come dine with us al fresco, enjoy our atmosphere, our food and our wine,” Marcello says with a big smile, his eyebrows raised and a hearty laugh. It’s clear, Marcello is excited about EATaliano’s future and what his table can offer the community.

“Italian cuisine is like classical music we’re not the composers but we’re definitely the conductors.”

A tavola non si invecchia!

Chef Marcello